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I love to share ways online teaching can be more effective, efficient, positive, and enjoyable! My session topics are typically a blend of inspirational/motivational principles and practical tips for improving classroom practices. Sessions are constantly evolving due to the rapid advancements in technology.

My current signature keynote is called: “Engaging Virtual At-Risk High School Students” with this sample description:

"This session will offer insights and information about at risk and disengaged online high school students. We will begin with statistics and research findings about the at-risk high school population and then transition into practical engagement strategies. A variety of tricks, tools, and ideas will be presented and modeled for contacting students and for Class Connect/virtual sessions. In this workshop, we will end with a time for questions, discussion, and idea-sharing."

School-Based Staff Development Events

I am available for workshops, keynotes, seminars, in-services, and webinars for PreK-12 educators. All presentations will be customized for your school’s needs, and can also be followed by individual or grade-level consultations, classroom organizational makeovers, and/or instructional coaching sessions.

Feedback from Workshops, PD, and Coaching

"I learned more in the first 5 minutes about engaging my students than I have in any PD since I've worked at {online school}. I LOVE this and my peers in the HS of {online school} are all over using some of these strategies. I think as High School teachers, we forget that these are kids too. They still enjoy silly and they shouldn't lose that. At {online school}, we also have a high risk population. A lot of our students struggle with chronic physical and mental illness. Using these simple techniques could really help us create a welcoming community.”

“It was nice to see that the simple, witty, and even silly techniques to get students engaged are the ones that have to biggest impact.”

“Such a high energy and positive session! Thanks for all the resources!”

“Excellent presentation! I took so many ideas that I'll be putting in my class next week.”

“Creative ideas for interactive slides and a focus on building the relationship, yes!”

“I came away with some excellent ideas about how to engage students before class begins! I was looking for something different and I definitely appreciated the suggestions-I even tried one out in a class that same day!”

Event Quotes

If you’d like to inquire about my availability for your school-based event, shoot me an email! Please include as much info as you can, including:

  • event location (virtual or face-to-face)
  • possible date(s)
  • type of session (keynote, half day, full day)
  • approx. number of attendees
  • preferred session topics/themes

Let’s work together to make student engagement and learning fun! Happy teachers=Happy kids! 

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